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Rain + Oil + Sudden Stops = bad!

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I was riding around last night in north San Antonio in the rain. The wet roads really arent that bad, it is more the fact that San Antonio has terrible drainage and that every time it rains, alot of the roads flood like you wouldnt believe. For example, the moron city engineers built a major road, on a dry creek bed. Now what exactly do they think will happen to it every time it rains?

Well anyways...back to the point. I was riding around on a fairly long road that has quite a few businesses as well as very few puddles. Because it was raining I decided to swing by an Auto Zone to buy a shammy or some kind of cloth to dry off my mask which was covered in little tiny dropplets that are too small to be blown away by wind. As I am going along, I realize that I almost missed my turn, so I pull on the brakes and change into the left lane to turn. Ok, I didnt really pull on the brakes...the more accurate term would be grabbed. My rear wheel locked up due to the slick roads and I began fish tailing. This caused my to panic slightly and I just released the front and rear brake....and the clutch. (WHOOPS!) I almost was flung into oncoming traffic because my rear wheel began spinning and the bike was pointed in a different direction than I was headed!!!

Moral / Cliffnotes: When your rear tire locks up, make sure the clutch is pulled in before you let out the brake!
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The worse the weather, the slower you go. I was exiting an expressway just after a rain in my car and behind me was an elderly man on a new cruiser. The exit ramp veered to the right and instead of bleeding off some speed before he entered the ramp he decided to downshift on the ramp while on the curve. Needless to say his rear wheel kicked out from behind him and down he went. i stopped to help him up and he still had the look of surprise on his face. Ya cant downshift on a turn in the rain. YA GOTTA THINK ABOUT THINGS BEFORE YOU GET THERE. Thats a good motto to ride by even in dry weather.
Knightrider said:
If your there and just beginning to think about it, its already too late! another good call knight
spok said:
another good call knight
pretty soon he'll be known for making those ! :)
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