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bike looks nice.

If the rattling is coming from the drive chain I'm pretty sure there is a tensioner that you can adjust. Check Kawasaki's website for a schematic of the bike. If you plan on doing more work to it, it might be a good idea to get a repair manual.

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I thought it looked nice aswell. This is me first big bike bought it for £800 UK pounds
Think I bought a bit of an old dog it is after all 14 years old

I’ve been searching the net for all the info on the GXP600 I can get.
Turns out that this sort of noise is common primary chain gets slack
Witch rattles witch makes every thing rattle clutch included
Dose not help if the carbs are out of balance ether plus the starter motor gives the chain some
Stick as well.
Just got a manual for it when the weather gets better the engine is coming out.
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