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I bought a 98 Vulcan 1500 Classic from a Kawasaki Dealer this summer. The previous owner took very good care of it and had the dealer install Cobra pipes and re-jet.

The bike took 5 minutes to warm up before I could crack the throttle without stalling. It also had a flat spot off of idle.

I tried different heat ranges for the plugs, air filter, fuel filter, nothing worked. Everything showed classic symptons of the bike running lean and needing re-jetted.

Well after trying everything, I finally bit the bullet and decided to re-jet. I found another Kawasaki dealer 30 miles away that was a Dyno-Jet dealer. He ordered me a Dyno-Jet kit for a good price and has the Dyno-Jet dyno so I get a free Dyno run included.

I took the bike apart and the plug for the mixture screw was removed, on the other side the hose was plugged, so all appeared the bike was re-jetted. Dyno-Jet instructions said to use the DJ 138 jet. The bike had a Kaw 138 jet.
I called Dyno-Jet tech support to ask which size jet to use, as I already had a 138 jet. They told me to use the DJ 138 as their jets flows are different from stock jets.

I put the DJ-138 jet in and the bike is running great. What a difference.


Will post some dyno numbers once the weather gets better here.

Sorry for the long post
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