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Ladies & Gentlemen,

Although these are Kawasaki foruns owned & operated by Beartooth Kawasaki, many of our members also own other brands of motorcycles including Harley Davidsons. Civil & constructive discussions comparing bike brands, features, etc. can be educational for all interested & are encouraged.

Unfortunately, lately, we've had a rash of threads we've had to delete because for some unknown reason some people just have to make a negative or provoking comment about a Harley, Harley rider, metric rider, attitudes or whatever & then the bashing starts. This has become extreemely tiring for members as well as moderators.

Please know!!! none of the moderators enjoy trashing threads, editing/deleting posts or especially banning members!. If you can't post a positive or supportive comment, it's very simple, don't post! If your post can be perceived to be insulting to another member or their opinion, don't submit it!

We are going to stop brand bashing, period! Constructive critisism & opinion based on real experience can be educational for all! BUT, make a smart alec or snide remark about a brand or another member's opinion or be aggressive towards or provoke another member or retaliate to a comment you don't agree with & you'll be banned, no questions, end of discussion.

It's very easy, contribute to a discussion in a positive manner or don't post! Remember, these are family forums with members of all ages, act accoedingly, please.

Please enjoy these forums & ride safe! :biggrin:
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Not open for further replies.