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REALLY a newb

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So I don't have a bike yet. BUT it's a sure thing. Come mid-July I will have a silver 20004 ZX-6R. Figured I'd go ahead and try out some forums. Scary thing is, I've been learning on a ZZR-1200 :shock:.
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Welcome to the forum, i own a zx6r and it is a great bike. Pretty crazy learning to ride on a 1200.
Welcome to the forum, learning on a 1200 has to be difficult. I just rode a bandit 1200 the other day for the first time and I couldn't believe the power.
Get signed up in an MSF class asap as there is usually a waiting list.

Try this out for statistics:

Riders taught by friends or family are about 1/3 more likely to crash than those who teach themselves, but the ones that went to formal training were half as likely to crash as the do it yourself crowd in the first 6 months! (Hurt Report)

1200 is a monster bike. You must be a strong dude!

EGO, Please fill in your profile and esp your hobbies, interests, and what you have for history in motorcycles...I can't assume that you are a true newbie if you have been testing bikes as powerful as the ZX-6R, or the ZZR-1200...That would be a little insane...to start out with. I'm pretty outspoken when it comes to what people want/do to start out on. Lots (read LOTS, as in many hours of training on your own as well as a Motorcycle Safety Course) of time will be spent on coordination of clutch, brake, turning, leaning, stop&go without touching the ground with your feet...many drills to get into before riding on streets should be accumulated. Equipment is a MAJOR piece of riding. BUY the very best equipment that you can afford, as if your life (actually does) depended upon it.
Buy used, invest the savings in the MSF course AND some good gear.

EGO please fill out your personal profile, especially interests beyond motorcycles and what you do for work. Your city and state you can put a close proximity...we have forum members every where.
Uncle Bob said:
Isn't your head getting sore, Bob?

Ego said:
Come mid-July I will have a silver 20004 ZX-6R.
I thought Kawasaki wasn't going to make those for another 17,999 years. (Sorry, Ego, I just couldn't resist.)
Uncle Bob

Curt, I think that I/we may be getting to Uncle Bob. Maybe it's not me, but it's kinda' one of those things where all the guns, bike advice, newbie/noobie, top end, Suzuki stuff, all of it has fallen like a fresh blanket of snow 12'deep...a little overwhelming...at times.
Uncle Bob said:
I just naively assumed that with the tools available now things would get better.

Thanks to internet you can go online and get the information you want. Back in the days before the web the only advice you could get was either from somebody who rode ( no way to know if he/she was any good or at all knowledgeable ) of a dealer ( hit or miss proposition ) and maybe a couple of mags.

Yet people come to these forums it seems not to get advice since they have already made up their minds that an actual racebike is a good choice for somebody who has never been on a bike before. No they come to seek approval and a hearty congratulations on their choice however bad it may be.

Oh sure I could just ignore them, but they like drunk drivers put others in danger.

This months Motorcycle cruiser magazine lists the following "last rides" from the Oregon Department of transportation for one month.

MC vs Auto, MC doing high speed wheellie on residential street, lady pulls out of her driveway and the rider is roadkill.

Single vehicle, lost control of borrowed motorcycle, hit curb then retaining wall, operator killed on impact ,passenger two hours later.

MC vs Auto, MC rear ended Jeep, rider DOA

Single vehicle, MC went off shoulder hit road sign ( DWI)

Single vehicle, lost control, left roadway in curve DOA

Single vehicle,lost control on curve went over embankment DOA

Single vehicle,missed turn landed in ditch DOA

MC vs Auto, MC rider went into blind corner and met car head on DOA

MC vs Auto crossed centerline in curve, struck vehicle head on DOA

MC vs Auto lost control crossed centerline and hit car head on.DOA

One not too densily populated state, one month.

No mention of the actual number of MC accidents and/or injuries that we can estimate at a couple of hundred times the number of deaths.

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I feel for myself...I hate to feel your pain

I understand the pain and I agree with you. It's not bad enough we have deaths going on in war zones, but also where we have the freedom to ride an just think it is okay to ride what we want, when we want. I'm upset about these deaths, I feel the pain. I have lost friends and family members, dead on te scene, never made it to the hospital to die in clean white sheets, and a warm bed, holding someones hand. I love my family, and I provide for them how could some of these people not care about their families and their positions in life, their future...It's not just America! Do we have and answer...? even cars, trucks, plaines have accidents...we need more education and much more riding observation from somewhere tomake us better safer riders, and even drivers. It's just not right to see so many people die because of ignorance, the lack of knowledge and experience...
Uncle Bob said:
. . . Yet people come to these forums it seems not to get advice since they have already made up their minds . . . they come to seek approval . . .
I think that's exactly it, Bob. The same thing happens at church.

teenager: "I've found the man of my dreams. He's so handsome and funny, and he really loves me. We want to get married in three weeks."
pastor: "Why so soon?"
teenager: "We want to get married before his second ex-wife can make any more trouble for us. Besides, we think it's a good idea for someone to be with him during his drug rehab."
pastor: "Are you sure he's the right man for you?"
teenager: "Absolutely. When he's finished with the rehab, he's going to try to get a job."
pastor: "Oh. Is he a church-goer?"
teenager: "No, he says the hangovers are too bad to get up on Sunday morning."
pastor: "So are you here to seek my advice?"
teenager: "No, I just wanted to ask you to perform the wedding."

Sound familiar?
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