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Rear Fender Eliminator Kit???

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Hey fellas,

I finally received my new license plate and have mounted it on the stock plastic fender and basically it looks horrible.

I've seen Cobra's $210 fix, but geesh...I don't wanna have to pay $210 just to clean up that rear end. Does anyone know of any cheaper fender eliminator kits? I basically just want that cool Cobra look without paying 2 bills for it. If I can't find it I guess I'll just have to bite the bullet.

Thanks in advance! Send pictures if you can.
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For the license plate, I found a vertical side-mount bracket on ebay for about $40. It was brushed stainless so I had a local guy polish it up purty. After some tinkering, I mounted it to the left side of the swing arm and purchased a lighted plate bracket (incandescent, no LED) for about $30. Then I routed a wire along the swingarm and connected in to the speedo light wire behind the left side cover on my 800. Don't use the open accessory leads, they're on all the time even with the key off. Looks nice and cleaned off that ugly plate holder on the fender. Soon it'll be a run/turn/brake controller and large silver bullets for the stock rear signals and that will allow me to remove the taillight completely without much decrease in visibility. However, I need the money to refinish/paint the fenders and tank before that happens.
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Pic of the finished plate product.
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