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rear light stays on

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Good morning everyone. This is my first of what will be many questions on my recently aquired '82 GPz750.
The rear light is always on. Key out or key in; it is draining my battery. What would cause this? I am assuming a short somewhere or a faulty brake switch?
Any help greatly appreciated. I will post some pics of the bike as soon as I have time (SWMBO thinks I am installing wainscoting right now).
I appreciate any help you can give me.
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You're not mistaking the park position for the off position on the switch are you? :biggrin: Don't know of any other way for the light to be on with the key out other than a short. I don't have a wiring diagram for your bike but I don't think the brake switch normally has power with the key in the off position.
sounds like you may have a faulty ignition switch as its a 82 model, jmo
sounds like you may have a faulty ignition switch as its a 82 model, jmo
Is that a problem with the '82 models? How can I check that?
If you are sure you have it in the off position you can do this. Remove the headlight, trace the wires from the ign switch down to the inside of the headlight bucket, disconnect the connector there. If the light goes out then power is getting through your ign switch and it is faulty. Other than that, you are going to need a multimeter and wiring diagram to troubleshoot the problem.
But DO make sure you're turning that switch the right way before taking the headlight apart. Counterclockwise is off, one click clockwise is on, and another click clockwise is park, which is where the taillight would stay on as a safety feature.
Ok. I was messing around with it and the light goes out if I turn the key off and pull it out. If I lock the steering and take the key out the light stays on. It looks like I have a faulty switch.
BTW, the bike won't start either. It turns over but I am not getting any spark at the plug. I am thinking the switch is the, or part of the, problem.
Those old ignition switches can be taken apart and cleaned. Be carefull though there are little springs, balls and pieces that are easy to lose. Take it appart clean all the contacts. Lube with dielectric grease and put it back together. Might cure the problem.
I second antig's suggestion.

I have an 82 KZ1100. I suspect the ignition switch is the same if not very similar. It will come off of the bike in one piece and then you will have to separate the lock mechanism from the electrical switch. Then open the electrical switch by gently prying open the plastic case. As antig said there are springs, removable contacts, and a steel ball that will have to be put back in place. I was a little hesitant to take the switch apart based on what someone else wrote about these switches. I can assure that it is not a difficult operation. I used contact cleaner and generously lubed it with dielectric grease while reassembling the mechanism. I suggest you squirt some graphite into the lock mechanism while you have it apart. It would also be a good time to clean and lubricate all of the connections inside of the headlight bucket while you have it open.
Thanks everyone. I'm on it!
I'll report back with the results.

OK. I'm a Moron. And a Rookie.
I bought a new switch and was looking at it and I noticed the position all the way to the right has a lock and a light symbol. The one on my bike has all the markings worn off. So, I can lock the steering by turning the key all the way to the left. So I suppose it si supposed to stay on when turned all the way to the right?
At least I don't have to replace my switch now.:smile:

for letting us know the problem is solved.
Switch good, markings bad, operator malfunction. Been there done that! Glad to hear all is well.
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