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Red hot exhaust pipes

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I have a '93 zx-6e. When I start her, it takes forever to finally start. I end up cranking on and off for 20 min. It sounds like it is almost gonna go, but doesn't. After it is started it stalls first. Then it starts right away and revs fine with the choke on. I can't shut the choke off until I get ready to ride b/c I have to give it throttle to keep it running (idle speed setting is off). If it gets below 2grand it stalls. There is a definite flat spot between 3500 and 5000.
Changed the spark plugs on Sat. and adjusted the choke, that helped a little bit. The old plugs are black, but not corroded at all. Rode for 30 min. on Sat.
Sunday I went out and started her, it took 20 min like usual but finally started. While warming up, I noticed that the exhaust pipes were glowing red, so I shut it off. Haven't had time to dig into it more.

I'm assuming this is a carb problem, (rich? or lean), but I was just wondering what ya thought. Sorry for the long post.

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How long have you owned the bike ?
Whats the mileage ?
Serviced regular ?
Always done it / Just started / Gradually got worse over time ???
Does it back fire at all either on cranking or running ?

There are a number of things that can cause your grief..

Ignition timing out. (CDI faulty)
Water getting into the combustion chamber.
Mixtures incorrect.
Air leaking into the combustion chamber.
Carb internals loose/siezed/worn.
Valve clearances.
Faulty battery. (Sounds daft but you'd be supprised what problems they can give you)
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I just bought the bike in Jan. The guy I bought it from works with me, and did all the regular service.
12,000 miles. Long story, but I had to replace the gas tank and clean out the carbs from rusty gas. I only cleaned out the bowls, and sprayed some carb cleaner into the jets.
Ever since I've had the bike, it's started hard. It hasn't gotten worse or better. Just to clarify: it's the headers that were glowing, just the middle two, from the engine to about where they all come together.
Never backfires, when it's cranking it will pretend to go but won't. I've got a brand new battery, and had it on the charger every time start it because I end up draining it :x .


Only numbers 2 and 3 getting overly hot would just about discount the CDI.

I would do a compression test to illiminate the valves.
Then have the carbs apart and clean out thoroughly and set the mixtures and balance.
Battery as you say will be ok.

Good luck..

Sounds like the compresssion check will eliminate the valves...you're getting fire, shouldn't be timing...it ALL sounds like carb/fuel related to me....BUT you shouldn't be killing your battery!!! There is a thing called Starter Cycle...on teh time that you should be cranking and letting the starter cool...OR YOU WILL BURN THINGS UP!!! I'd bet you a cup of decent coffee, against a doughnut hole that going through the carbs, the long and complete way, will be the solution... The good thing about doing the carbs...once you have them off, and get them all cleaned and put back on...you will know for CERTAIN that YOU did it and it was done right...and you won't have to do anything but "RE_SYNC" them...as long as you have a great fuel filter. Out of curosity...actually just checking the sync on the carbs would show that they were messed up....too...might be worth it before you just rip them off anyway...just to verify it...
The dealership decided that they wanted $75 to hook it up to thediagnostics????? I gotta call them tomorrow, as I haven't even talked to them yet.
I'll let you guys know how it ends up tomorrow after I talk with the dealer.
Talked to the dealer today. They are pretty sure it's the carbs....So, good news and bad news

good: it's only the carbs (not the valves) that are going to be rebuilt and resynced

bad: gonna cost me at least $300 :cry:

good: they are replacing the swing arm for free b/c there is a recall
Yet another good reason to talk to your dealer :)

Swallow hard with the carbs though. It should come back to you stonger than when it left you, or at least in a condition that will provide you with more safe miles than you were gonna have

I think that the news would be great! I'd be telling my wife that the swingarm or rear-end, is a MAJOR safety thing...and $300.00 for everything is a AWESOME price!
$300 to a college student who isn't workin for another 6 wks. is a lot of beer money :lol: :twisted:

I was also kinda frustrated b/c I've had the carbs off b4 to clean out the bowls when I first got it, and I know I shoulda rebuilt them then :x

Oh well, now I know they be done right and all in synce.

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The dealer finally with my bike. It was only the carbs being really dirty (rusty gas is bad/ previous owner not me :evil: ). But they said that it does need a valve adjustment eventually :cry: .

While replacing my new free swingarm, they also discovered that the axle and nut threads were messed up, so that cost me $100. I was a little worried about getting screwed by them, but they're looking out. I know where I'll buy next bike from.
michiganarft11 said:
While replacing my new free swingarm, they also discovered that the axle and nut threads were messed up, so that cost me $100. I was a little worried about getting screwed by them, but they're looking out. I know where I'll buy next bike from.
Seems kind of steep to me. Maybe the free swingarm wasn't free after all.
I checked out some OEM prices on the net, and came up with about the same cost, $90 some plus shipping.

It's great to know that there was something fixed that you didn't know about...sounds as if this dealer is doing his job, or at least his mechanics are. Be sure to mention it to the owner...and the guys on the sales floor...play it out as the guys in the back with grease, dirt and smelly clothes, and it is a team and not just the white shirts up front, make the experience worth while...
Personally I'd always rather talk to a mechanic than a salesperson. A true mechanic too, not a guy who works in the shop and sells service.
after i got my 750r, i took it to Concord Kawi.

it had a cooling problem. they wanted 80 bucks to fix it. i bit the bullet and said ok,

for my 80 bucks i got
coolant flushes 3 times
brakes checked and adjusted with new fluid
replaced all out bulbs (2)
adjusted fuel out overflow tube
adjusted throttle and choke cable
checked tire pressure
full wash/detail
replaced faulty coolant gauge
adjusted idle

total cost $85.70
they get all my business now. i took it in for it's 5,000 mile checkup. another great deal $150

anyone in the area should consider this place. talk to ed, he's the service manager and a great guy

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WHERE??? Awesome! I'd be so excited that I probably couldn't ride! Jumping all over the place yelling "YES!!!", "YES!!!"...I wish our dealer here was that awesome...Great stuff, great price...absolutely a great feeling!!!
I've always been more of a car person, and in car world when your exhaust parts start running red hot there is almost always a lean condition. I'd say there's certainly a problem with the mixture (too much air or not enough fuel) causing the extreme temps. This would also affect your ability to start the bike cold. Higher air:fuel ratio = hotter burn in combustion chamber. It can get dangerously off balance and cause detonation damaging valves, pistons, etc. You'd much rather run rich and foul plugs than lean and blow motors. The ideal combination is just a tad lean at part throttle giving you the best efficiency and a tad rich at WOT giving you enough fuel to not starve the motor at high RPM.
I got the bike back from the dealer last Friday for $520. I'm highly doubting that the new (factory recall) swingarm didn't have hours added in for it. :x They also had to put a new rear axle and nut on cause someone before cross-threaded it and put locktite on to cover it up :evil: . That was $110 for parts. The carbs were rebuilt and a new fuel filter was added. The carbs were just really dirty.
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