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I am nearly done tuning in my carbs after I got my new air intake and rejetted my carbs. So far my impression since the full exhaust, air intake pods and rejetting is unbelievable. I almost feel like I'm going to fly off the bike is has so much pull, at least at high rpm. As I keep tuning and tweaking it the sound gets sweeter and sweeter, at first the jardine exhaust was sounding a lot like a v-twin. Today its gotten more and more of the sport bike sound to it. Coming out of corners if the best part, so much more power...

Rejetting was pretty simple, take carbs off, replace needle, replace spring, put main jets in. www.factorypro.com was very helpful in tuning the carb, following their process probably saved me 40hrs in time. Air intake was a pain, but that was mostly getting the old air box off, like 20 screws holding that thing together, and I kept finding more that I hadn't taken out.
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