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x- i'll try not to over simplify but the power commander is basically
a computor that ties into the factory ecu harness.it will change the fuel and
ignition curves that are preset in the ecu. if you modify the intake/exhaust
system this has to be done for the engine to deliver proper power and run correctly.even a bone stock bike can benefit from adjustments as the factory settings are not always set to deliver max hp mostly due to the emission
standards that the mfg has to abide by,so resetting the fuel/ignition curve
will enable the engine to deliver peak power.the unit comes with programs
that are based on typical changes made to a specific bike or you can custom
taylor your own program or even send off to have a program written for you
this is a great addition to any fi bike as it real easy to unleash power you
are not getting.it is made by dynojet inc and their website has all the info you need to get the most out of your bike. just about every fi bike in our group
has this installed - in a round about way it is like re-jetting a carbed bike
to compensate for the difference modifications make to the way the engine performs-i have never done it myself to a bike cause i don't have fi but i have done it to my car after making some serious intake/exhaust changes
and it works the same way-we use a laptop with the LS1 edit software
and make the changes to obtain max hp. on a bike it will eliminate things
like backfiring,surging,overheating etc. it is a great tool to use to dial in
the motor to make max power. hope this helps :wink:
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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