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Removing Stickers/Decals

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Getting a Ninja 500R next week and wanted to remove the decals and stickers (not my favorite part of the Ninja).

-Can anyone recommend an easy way to do this? Is there some UNGLUE or something you can use to do it without messing up the paint?

-If I remove them, will there still be an imprint of the logos leftover?

-Also, I understand that there may be some sort of clear-coat over the stickers. Will there be a gap in the finish after removing them?
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If it were me and you had any plans of reselling the bike I would just get a set of sharkskins/airtech fairings or something similar and leave the stickers in place.

Having said that if you still want to get your stickers off - as mentioned above, heat them up. You can use a heat gun to do it faster, but in the hands of some inexperienced you are better to use the blow dryer so you don't mess your paint up by leaving the heat gun in one place too long.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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