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Removing Stickers/Decals

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Getting a Ninja 500R next week and wanted to remove the decals and stickers (not my favorite part of the Ninja).

-Can anyone recommend an easy way to do this? Is there some UNGLUE or something you can use to do it without messing up the paint?

-If I remove them, will there still be an imprint of the logos leftover?

-Also, I understand that there may be some sort of clear-coat over the stickers. Will there be a gap in the finish after removing them?
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Use a hairdryer to heat up the stickers and they should come off easy. If there is any goop left over just use that goo-b-gone (i don't remember what it's called)
The only sticker I know of that is clearcoated is the 'kawasaki' on the gas tank. You'd basically have to paint the tank to get rid of that one.
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