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usfloser said:
My bike was stolen and we actually got it back through some special ops, but they totally ruined my ignition trying to take it out. I bought a new one but when I tried to change it out, I ran into a problem. Where it's mounted to the triple tree, there's two "bolt things" holding it on. It's nothing like an alan wrench or anything and I have no idea how to get it off. Help if you can or I'll be forced to buy a manual. Thanks!!
Hi usfloser

As the manual that you have now bought will tell you, they are shear head bolts, meaning the heads come off when you do them up tight.

This is great to stop someone taking them out and stealing your bike but sucks when you want to get them out.

The Haynes manual says

The switch is held to the upper triple clamp with two shear-head bolts. Using a hammer and a sharp punch, knock the shear-head bolts in a counterclockwise (anticlockwise) direction to unscrew them. If they're too tight and won't turn, carefully drill holes through the centres of the bolts and unscrew them with a screw extractor (E-Z Out).

Having tried the punch method (a mechanic said he used it too) I did not get anywhere. It only took a few minutes to drill and use the screw extractor which worked like a dream. They cost about £4 thought I did not get the tap wrench which would have made things easier, so I used pliers and an adjustable spanner. If I was buying again I would buy the extractors and wrench.

This should show you what they look like. kinda like butch screws with a big thread on them.

I got some stainless replacements with a Hex Head from a local bolt shop for less than one of the shear head bolts from Kawasaki and I will be able to get them out should I ever need to.

Hope thats of help :)

Now go and buy the manual anyway!
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