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I'm having an oil leak where the shift fork goes into the transmission cover. The seal has been ripped. I've got the seal and read the manual I have for it. I just have a few questions.

Is this easy to do? If I remove the cover can I screw up anything in the transmission? Do I need to remove the "shift mechanism" and "shaft" to replace the seal?

And the manual warns that if I pull on the "shift rod" I will have to disassemble the whole crank case to reinstall the shift forks. Can this rod come out without me even pulling on it? I do not have the mechanical skills to rebuild the crankcase.

All I need to do is replace the leaky seal, nothing more. I just get nervous every time I have to get anywhere near to the internals of an engine/transmission.

Could I replace the seal without taking the cover off? Or is it easy and not dangerous to the well being of my tranny to take the cover off?

The following is excerpts from the manual:

"External shift mechanism removal, inspection, and installation.


Remove the shift lever, and the engine sprocket.
Remove the screws and detach the cover from the crankcase. (see illustration 21.3)
Spread the shift mechanism arm and overshift limiter to clear the shift drum, then pull the mechanism and shaft off. (see illustration 21.4a)
Be careful to not pull the shift rod out of the crankcase - the shift forks will fall into the crankcase and the crankcase will have to be separated to install them again. (see illustration 21.4b)
Check the condition of the seals in the cover. If they have been leaking, drive them out with a hammer and punch. New seals can be installed by driving them in with a socket. (see illustration 21.9)


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If the seal is visable from the outside, just use a small screw driver to prise it out.dont scratch the housing or the shaft.with the seal out,wipe it all clean,& install the new seal with a socket & hammer.( that means find a socket that has the same o/d of the seal, & tap the socket against the seal home with the hammer) wayno 1500 drifter.

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+1 to what wayno said. Don't remove the sprocket or that cover to replace the seal. The old seal can be a pain to remove some times but installing the new one is very easy once you have the old one out. A pick type tool with a bit of a hook on the end helps get the old one out. Something along the line of this.
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