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I use to post on the old board long ago.

Just picked up another Kawasaki. And I think I know what it is, but I need some verification to be sure, and need some assistance from the numbers guru's on here.

I do mostly Vintage MX (golf course racing) and try to limit the jumping as I have issues with gravity.

Current fleet includes a 238 Greenstreak motored American Eagle Geronimo (known as a Sprite in England). I just sold off 3 86 KX125's as we arent doing post vintage MX anymore.

I picked up this new bike from a buddy, (trying to attach two pics) frame # F-2407XX, engine #4007XX.

I would appreciate any assistance in ID'ing the bike for sure. I know it has the wrong fenders, shifter, pipe, silencer, and the tank is a 1969, not 1967. Also, I am pretty sure that the kicker if off of an H1, was cut rotated and welded (really nice work) back on.

If you need detailed pics, let me know.

Andy #14u


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