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Review Piaa H-light Bulb

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Anybody Used One Of These. I Hear It Likes To Melt Plastic. I've Got A Zx6r 06
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I read another post about PIAA lights not sure if its the same you are asking about. http://www.kawasakimotorcycle.org/f.../59795-piaa-superplasma-gt-x-bulb-review.html
Some of those PIAA lamps draw almost double the standard current... unless you modify the harness to handle more current, I think it is a bad idea. IMO, the best after market headlight you can get your hands on is mostly sold overseas. It is the Osram Silverstar lamp, it differs from its sister companies lamp (Sylvania) and does not use colored glass... colored lamps actually rob you of light. Some of them are overdriven to meet spec, but that draws more current, produces more heat and reduces life of the lamp. This could damage the housing.

You can find the Osram lamps on E-Bay.
It Says It Draws 55 Watts, Just Like The Stock Bulb, I'll Put Her In Tonight And See How It Goes.
I've found the only solution of getting more light by simply changing a bulb is to up wattage.

The only light I've found that actually produced more light was a xenon filled one available on ebay. They were 100/90W I think, and a set of 2 was 3 dollars plus shipping (15 dollars total) :p.

They apparently have about half the lifespan of a regular halogen, but my bike was wrote off before I could test that LOL. I didn't have any overheating issues in a plastic headlight dome on my vulcan and my wires were just fine (they had been wrapped in electrical tape beforehand to stop vibration so I was worried they might get hot, but they didn't).

Personally Im cynical about most claims that halogen lights make. Silverstar, Silverstar Ultra, Blue coating, blah blah. At 50 bucks a package, I think I'll stick with the ebay special.

Im actually contemplating HID as the kit for a single light is only about 140 bucks now.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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