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I've found the only solution of getting more light by simply changing a bulb is to up wattage.

The only light I've found that actually produced more light was a xenon filled one available on ebay. They were 100/90W I think, and a set of 2 was 3 dollars plus shipping (15 dollars total) :p.

They apparently have about half the lifespan of a regular halogen, but my bike was wrote off before I could test that LOL. I didn't have any overheating issues in a plastic headlight dome on my vulcan and my wires were just fine (they had been wrapped in electrical tape beforehand to stop vibration so I was worried they might get hot, but they didn't).

Personally Im cynical about most claims that halogen lights make. Silverstar, Silverstar Ultra, Blue coating, blah blah. At 50 bucks a package, I think I'll stick with the ebay special.

Im actually contemplating HID as the kit for a single light is only about 140 bucks now.
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