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This snow has got to go!
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I'll just copy/paste my letter Amazon as my review:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I'm sorry to say that I am not pleased with this helmet at all. The general quality of the helmet is desperately lacking. Specifically, I have the following complaints:

1. The wind noise with this helmet is deafening.

2. The speakers for the sound system are not really installed in any way into the liner of the helmet. You have to put the helmet on and then reach inside the helmet and shift around the little speakers so they are in the correct position.

3. The flip down sun-screen does not flip down far enough. This results in looking through the bottom edge of the screen when looking even somewhat downward.

4. The button to flip up the front face section of the helmet is too small to work easily with riding gloves on.

All of these quality concerns are possibly ignorable if not for my number one complaint about helmet. The chinstrap is mounted too far back on the helmet and is in fact not a chinstrap at all but more of a tracheastrap. At speed, when wind resistant pushed back on the helmet, the chinstrap chokes you to the point of it being hard to swallow.

Please provide me with information on how I can return this product.


Lance Johnson
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