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ride quality... Is the meanie the right bike for me?

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Having spent any real time only on a Vulcan 500 before, I don't really know what to compare it to. I've got a few months to figure out what bike I want, and the Meanstreak/Marauder seems the likely choice, but I was wondering from those of you that have ridden a lot of the different cruisers out there what's the smoothest ride?

I'm not that obnoxious neighbor that's gonna wake you up with his pipes. I'll probably never get the bike over 85mph, etc. I'm looking more for a form of meditation: just me and the open road or the backroads without all the traffic... one with the wind, that kind of thing. I don't know much about the different drive mechanisms, but should I maybe be looking instead at a belt drive, etc?

I'm not trying to have the coolest bike. I'm not trying to pick-up chicks. I won't be bragging about my top speed. I just love riding. I like the rumble of a good v-twin, but I prefer a smooth relaxing ride. Maybe there's a smoother drive out there that I should be looking into. Of course, part of the whole vibe you get comes from the aesthetic and the ergonomics of the bike. The meanie's a beaut. I can't see myself going too retro, and I definitely don't want a crotch-rocket. Any thoughts? Maybe something smaller?
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Go to a dealer and sit on some bikes. I found I had to lean forward to reach the drag style bars on the Meanie. A lot of guys swap out the risers/handlebars on the meanie because of this. The meanie is the said to be the best handling of the bigger bikes.

I went with the classic because
-liked the handlebars/floorboards/ overall ergonomics
-looks sweet - especially those retro fenders

But the meanie offers
-inverted forks like them sportbikes

The bigger bikes are probably all smoother than your 500 due to the weight. You'll have to learn to manage that weight in parking lots and such. The bigger bikes will have more torque than the 500 so you end up running at lower rpms and won't have to downshift to pass.

I haven't rode the 800, but they are supposed to be nice. The 1500 classic is a great bang for the buck. The 1600 Classic or meanie are some sweet rides. Oh and the 2000 is just plain kick ass. I'm not helping am I =/ Just depends on your style and how deep your pockets are.

I'm sure some of the guys will jump in and offer their opinions.

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