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riding boots for women

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looking for a good pair of riding boots for my wife - any suggestions (sites, etc)
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Now I'm not a woman, but every woman I've ever talked to finds Icon's women's line very appealing.
I have the same boots my husband has, so I'm not sure I can be of much help. :) We both have BMW boots and really like them a lot.
My wife has a pretty high arch and large ankles.
Most women's boots didn't fit well, or really offer decent protection.
We looked at the Harley women's boots, and protection was decent, but they all had plastic zippers (which worried me), and they were a little tight in the lower leg.

Ended up getting her the Harley model D94069 Mens "Overpass" welt harness in size 8.5... fit nicely and being a men's boot, offer full protection. It's a harness style zip-side that looks like a pull-on.
I'm thinking about getting these because they have a decent heel but also have good features Women's Motorcycle Boots - webBikeWorld

I like the Daytona Lady Star boots but they are U.K. and the dollar sucks against the Euro which makes the price kinda crazy.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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