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Riding in Dense Fog.

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I guess I really didn't learn anything today, but I've now gained the experience of riding in dense fog during pre-dawn hours.

Rain has kept me off the bike for almost 2 weeks straight, so I wasn't about to let a "little" morning fog keep me from riding today. I left the house at around 0630 for the 10-mile commute to work... :shock: and almost turned around before I got out of my neighborhood. Man was it thick! (We're still under a NWS Dense Fog Advisory as I write.) It was hard to tell how much of the reduced visibility was due to actual fog and how much was the result of condensation on my visor. So, I just started wiping the visor every 1/4-mile. Thankfully, visibility was "only" reduced to a 1/4 mile (less in certain areas) and I could see the road markings and approaching cars. I took it real easy for the 5 miles until I got to the highway. There, visibility was greatly improved. Scary.
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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