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Hi Gang,


... Food Drive Video ...

Halloween is behind us and Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner.
The RKA/Sonoma Raceway food drive is creeping up on us really fast. Make sure you show up!

This is our last scheduled event of the year and it IS ON THE TOP OF THE LIST!
Click on the link to the left and watch the recon ride Saturday the 27th.
In the first minute It shows all the turns you WILL miss if you are not paying attention or riding to fast.
After that you get to see a three hour ride condensed into 15 minutes with a gaggle of
old men talking about old men stuff as they ride the coast.
(For those interested the setup for communications was SENA 20S’s and “group Intercom”)

Read up in the “What we do” section about the updated “Richard’s R1200RT Page” and Powerlet & Rammount

SENA has gone into Hyperspace! Releasing Firmware 2.0 for it’s 30, 20, 10 series read about it in the “My Opinion” section.

Look at the two bottom photos on the left ......

Did you know we have been doing communications for over 30 years !!!???
Do you know how to say "Cassette Deck" or "Walkman"?
The other sections you will find interesting….

The “18th Annual RKA / Sonoma Raceway Food Dr”.

The “This is what we do”

RKA’s “Ongoing sale”

"My opinion”

“Richard’s Photos / Videos Of the Month”

“Stories you may like”

The world Famous “Life Explained Series”

Enjoy the Newsletter and tell your friends

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