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I have been thinking here lately about how does the engine size affect RPMS at 60mph. I want people to post up what their bikes rev at when doing 60 and explain the bike. Year, Engine CC, Make, Model. ETC If your bike is stock, please state it and if its not stock, state the upgrades that make the bike rev higher or lower than normal. I just want to tickle my fansy about engine revs and different bikes. Ill start off with mine.

2006 Ninja 2006 STOCK 60mph=7300 rpm.

1991 Ninja ZX11C Upgraded engine, jet kit, big bore kit. stock sprockets. 60mph=3700rpm
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wow, that link it cool. it is amazing how unaccurate the speedos are. i wonder why that is. is it that the factory isnt calibrating them perfectly or just the simple fact that its a mechanical thing that makes it off a bit. are digital speedos accurate? lol i do 65mph indicated on my 250 to work everyday and was wondering why it would take me longer on that bike to get to work versus my car or other bike doing the same speed. weird.
rpm depends on revolution. which simply means everytime the piston goes from top dead center to bottom dead center and back to top it is on revolution IE 2 strokes. so no it doesnt depend on strokes.
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