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I have been thinking here lately about how does the engine size affect RPMS at 60mph. I want people to post up what their bikes rev at when doing 60 and explain the bike. Year, Engine CC, Make, Model. ETC If your bike is stock, please state it and if its not stock, state the upgrades that make the bike rev higher or lower than normal. I just want to tickle my fansy about engine revs and different bikes. Ill start off with mine.

2006 Ninja 2006 STOCK 60mph=7300 rpm.

1991 Ninja ZX11C Upgraded engine, jet kit, big bore kit. stock sprockets. 60mph=3700rpm
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its ALL about gearing..
my guess is that the manufacturers know that most racers will change sprockets for each track, so they picked an "all around" gearing ratio to work everywhere..

That applies to Supersports mind you.. the cruisers will rev much lower at freeway speeds.
And the reason cruisers rev lower is because v-twins have longer strokes. Japanese-designed vtwins are built differently and rev higher than american-designed v-twins.

I mean, there's a ton of other variables like valvetrain, gearing, crankpins, etc. But this is the reason that an american v-8 redlines at 6k whereas an Italian V8 can redline at 12k. They generally have shorter stroke and the valvetrain can spin faster because of it. If I'm recalling correctly.

As for your question, my EX runs at 140 kph (88mph) at 7k with stock gearing (16/41). In 6th each 1000rpm = 20 kph.

My friend's CBR600f4 ran at 140/7000rpm as well. But he has way more revs than the EX.
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