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Running lean or not?

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I just installed HardKrome Strippers on my 07VN900C. The idle hasn't changed and I only experience an occasional (rare) pop on deceleration. It occurs more often if I ride before the 5? minute warm up process is complete. The bike runs great, but I'm concerned about it maybe being lean and damaging the valves (or whatever else). If it runs OK and doesn't pop, should I feel OK with it? I don't want to invest in a PCIII since I have no intention of messing with the air intake. How can I check for a possible lean condition??
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I can richen it by installing the PCIII. I just hate to do that if I don't have too. I was fairly sure about the white plug = too lean thing. Now if I can get a plug out short of pulling the tank. :(
Actually, the popping was always there, you just couldn't hear it with the stock pipes.
I'm glad someone mentioned this. Actualy, I thought I heard an occasional pop on previous occasions with the stock exhaust. But as mentioned, it's so difficult to hear that I probably wasn't noticing how often it was happenning.

Thanks for all the opinions guys.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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