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I wouldn't normally double-post, but it was suggested I give you fine folks over here in the Cruiser section a try with my question, so here goes:

First of all - Happy New Year, everyone!

I have a very nice, clean and low mileage 91 750 Zephyr that my son found for me this past spring. I have posted about my experiences of getting back on two wheels after having been a cager for over thirty years... Sorry I was off a scoot for that long!

My longest day in the saddle so far has been about 375 miles, and in truth, except for the first 100 or so, it was a painful ride. My ol fanny just isn't happy on the factory seat for any more than that, for three reasons: I'm not a kid anymore; My friends and family characterize me as having a "Cracker Azz" (not much there); I took a fall down some stairs years ago while holding above mentioned son in my arms as a baby... Managed to protect him successfully, but took a hell of a hit on my tailbone in the process. It has been a "sore point" with me any time I am forced to sit for long periods.

I have been searching the web for alternatives to the stock seat, and have read that the Russell Custom seat is one of the better ways to go. It seems they re-form the basic seat structure to give a more "bucket style" seat, along with some improvements in underlying structure and foam types.

What say you? Has anyone here on BTK had any experiences with these folks? It is a pretty fair amount of jing to invest in a bike that old, but with a comfortable saddle under me, I think I could continue to love the old girl for many thousands of miles. She only has about 15K miles on her, so is hardly broken-in (wish I could say the same about myself!)

All thoughts accepted and appreciated!
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