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Santa came early!

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I got up yesterday morning to the sound of my wife dropping something heavy in the kitchen. I ran in there and found her trying to pickup a big fat box off the floor. The label had "LeatherUp" all over it. She gave up trying to hide it and just handed it to me saying "Merry Christmas".

I opened the box and found a nice big pair of saddle bags! Unable to contain myself I had to put them on right then. I went out and retreived my standoff bolts I had made for my other bags and 1/2 hour later I had hard mounted weather proof bags!

I think they look a lot better than the old ones I had on there. Wider and longer.

They mounted right up tight to the fender (as tight as I want them).

I'm a happy biker now!

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Congrats on the bags. Nice taste. Now you can carry extra luggage anywhere. Ride safe.
They look great. Now she will need to buy somthing to wrap(-:
Wow, nice Xmas gift! You scored, big time! The bags look great on your bike; good size, nice studs and badging. For Father's Day you can ask to have the seats studded to match!

See, always thinking forward to the next mod....

Congrats again and ride safely,
I'm drooling, those are very sharp!!
I've had things showing up on the front porch and in the mailbox. Make a note next year, to save on surprise factor, have the things I've ordered delivered to my work. That way the wife doesn't go out and find the 'Rototiller parts' I ordered and I don't go out and find the 'Vacuum sweeper' parts SHE ordered.

She gave me a list, I bought from it and several other things while I was in the right neighborhood.
Nice bags LMAO....
Bags look hot! Bike does too.
Looks great. Very impressive! Gotta love Santa!

Thanks everyone, I think she "done good!"
I've got her a gift for Christmas (a new Cell phone because hers was dying) so I gave it to her when her old phone croaked a week ago. I told her Merry Christmas then. I guess she was returning the favor.
The bags have a flap all around plus a flap on the inside. Pretty well water proof. (My old bags used to gather water by the inch). Ever wring out your Registration?

Great lookin bags!! Gratz!!
Merry Christmas, the little lady did good with those. Real sharp looking ride now.
That's funny....you'd have to see this from my perspective. Very good lookin bags......women think of all the good gifts.
Those are very good looking bags, like your taste in bike colors also!
Does she have a sister??
Thats awesome bro. Congrats!!!!
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