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sarachu exhaust problem please help

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I got a set of sarachu Slip ons and I noticed they are hitting the swing arm and really marking it up. I need to se some pictures of were you guys Have mounted the band Buy the passengerfoot peg if you went on the ouside or if you went on the tire side and what are you guys using on the clamps that hold the slip on to the header pipe instead of the cheeesy hose clamps they come with.
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Just installed mine today, and they looked very close. I just loosened the front, grabbed the middle of the pipe and bent it out a little, the clamp is not hard to bend, then tightened the front back and it is just where I want them. Know what you mean about the hose clamp, that will have to go when I find something better.

They sound great, have only had them on a short ride, but like them so far.
d0hnj0e said:
can't you use the clamps that hold the origional muffler in?
Nope, tried them, they are to big, wont compress enough.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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