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Sea Foam'd

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Well, last week or so I charged my bike up (gonna need a battery in the spring), and after some stubborn cranking, it fired up. It was kind of comforting to hear it sitting there idling obediently, as if ready to ride. The last time it was started up before that was in October before...well.

After letting it idle a lot and burning out some of the old gas that was left, I put some Sea Foam in with it. The next night I put some fresher gas in it and a healthy dose of Sea Foam and ran it again to work it into the carbs and everything.

Ah, I miss riding already, and the days associated with it.
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I'm looking forward to hearing mine run also. Glad you got to hear her run!
I grew up in Battle Creek, MI.
My best memories are of riding on the first nice spring weekend - usually in late March. The weather would turn sunny and about 60°, and all the motorcycles would hit the streets. Spring will be here soon...
I know this is cruel.

Yesterday, I rode about sixty miles round trip to watch my grandson practice baseball.
I fired up my snowmobile the other day. It almost feels the same but not quite.
I live in Colorado and we had some snow dump on us this last week so i am just waiting till it all melts off the road and then i will be back to riding again.
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