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Okay, how about someone that does proper seat mods for a Ninja250R. If we all had the same height, inseam and all, the bike would be perfect. However some of us ohly have a 32" inseam and are 5'9' tall. the bars are not adjustable forattack mode dn the seat does not adjust forward/backwards...and with a bad back I need more lower back support, even a solo-seat would suffice IF I could find someone to send my measurements to...ANYONE have the solution to this situation???
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I'm not tracking what you want. You wanting to lean forward more? Or sit up straighter?

If it's lean forward, there's rearsets and clip-ons. Maybe a corbin seat will help there too. Dunno about sitting up more.

Because I have had surgery on my back I require setting further hunched over. I can't ride a cruiser because I can't set leaned over enough. Corbin is willing to "Custom make me a seat" IF I make the trip out to CAlifornia. which I may do for family reasons anyway. I'd like to just have it made into a solo-seat. I don't think that with the fairing on that clamp-ons will clear with the 250R. Seat material for boats is a closed cell and much thinner,,,I just haven't found anyone yet in the business to make me one custom to my butt height, and upper torso length, including the long arms. I'm 68" tall (after surgery), 32" inseam but have a taller upper torso and 34-36'arms..putting my body at a "perfect" location on the seat is what the specialist do...and I have a clue that mine will be a little further back than where the seat/saddle hump currently located.

I will have to see what they look like and give the company a call. This would definately help me and I won't have to add the 2" to my windscreen...that I was looking at, and therefore changing my aerodynamics. The rearsets and clipons, along with my seat, and i should have the rider position where I want it and need it to be. IF I was only 5'6" nd 025pounds...HA!
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