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Hi, I have a 2001 ZR-7 that I've been riding for the last two years. Last year I noticed some slight issues with shifting into first gear. Nothing too bad at the time. Well, I started riding it again this spring and on a couple rides I couldn't get into first gear at all. Two days ago I got on it, went to shift it into gear, and the shifter pretty much went down at a 35-45deg angle. It was in first, but I couldn't get my foot under it properly to shift up.

I messed with the linkage (proper term? the piece that connects directly to the shaft that presumably goes to the transmission) and I was able to get the shifter to a normal position in first, but then to get it into second gear, it would aim at the sky at about a 35-45deg angle. I couldn't find a happy medium in between.

It's very odd IMO, and makes it nearly impossible to shift. It doesn't seem to have any trouble shifting now though, unlike previous rides where it wouldn't shift to first.

Does anyone have any advice on my dilemma? Thanks!
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