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ZX-2R said:
C'mon...pay the dealer! When it comes to getting service done on the bike you want it done right. Support the dealerships or we'll be waiting in one big long line in CA where they impotr them at because the dealerships can't make a few bucks on a book. Sorry, IF I'm coming off a little abrasive, especailly when you spend that kind of money on a bike...you want the best. Sure you could beat the price on eBay, but they can't service your bike...I HOPE you understand and are not offended...it's justa' raw spot for me when "Kawi" or even Beartooth Kawasaki, that sponsors this Kawasaki Forum doesn't get a slice for what it provides for us. Besides fun, and an occasional (?) hicup or two, some ruffled feathers, and great (fun) laughs, this is a great place to get wound up, get unwound, or just goof off having fun reading and learning about wierd sounds at 5KRPM, like a loose tool under the seat and not a license plate frame...or, a Kickstand lockout switch (simple) that gets almost looked over...something simple...to Pulling fuses and relpacing them onea at a time...
What's wrong with saving a few bucks? I price parts at a dealer first, and then I look around. If it's something I can't wait for I will bite the bullet and pay dealer price. I know that dealers don't regulate part prices, but they do jack up the price on merchandise. At least the one by my house does. example: I was looking to buy a front fork stand for my bike so I could get the front wheel off. I told the parts dude that I wasn't going to spend $160 for a front stand. Without hesitation he said that he could knock 10% off the sticker. That would barely cover the tax so it really wasn't saving me too much money in the end, but if they could knock off 10% and still make a profit (that's the goal of a business and I don't have a problem with that) why not save everyone the 10%? I found the same front stand for $40 cheaper online. The online store (CalSportbike) has to make a profit too, but their price started well below what the dealer was asking. My take on the whole deal: SUPPORT YOURSELF!!!!! Save money whenever and however you can.
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