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Should I get a Nomad??????

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Greetings, this is Carlo. I am new to this board and need some advice. I just got my 1800 Goldwing back from the shop (frame weld recall) and I am going to put it up for sale. I will miss the throttle and that sweet cornering, but won't miss the headaches of recalls and Honda footdragging!! So, I have been looking at the Nomads as the probable solution to my need for a touring, two-up cruiser. I hope the folks on this board will be able to answer my inevitable questions concerning this bike, it's available add-ons, etc.
Again the question... should I get a Nomad?????
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yes-go get it right now :lol: -they are fantastic crusiers,plenty of goodies for them but an much different breed than the wing.i did'nt know about wing recalls though :roll: i thought they were pretty solid- bad frame welds is no good! there are also some goods mods for the nomad,and the hard bags thay use are awesome-fine bike :wink:
I agree hurry over and get it. I just purchased the 1500 drifter in February in Madison. I looked at the Nomad but the drifter offered what I was looking for in the passenger comfort. It can be had with two seater. Take a look at that too. Good luck enjoy
Is the nomad the only one with the hard bags? It didn't look like the drifter had them. Any experience with passenger seat comfort on the Nomad? Any of the aftermarket seats any good? It looks like Mustang has quite a few for this bike, don't know how they are though.
Thanks for the input, guys. By the way, where is Lone Rock?
I'm not sure about the hard bags. The Nomad was very comfy, but I was really after a sporty look too. You'll enjoy the nomad there are many bolt ons for it too.
Lone Rock is about 50 miles west of Madison on HWY 14 between Spring Green and Richland center.

yep,only one except for maybe the concours but its a different bag. the nomad bags just look so streamlined with the bike 8) as far as seats go mustang has a great seat and corbin has some as well and both are much better than the factory seat.some folks like the kawi seat but i have never sat on a kawi seat i liked for extended rides :lol:
Nomad is a very good bike, but I will be the voice of dissention here.

You'll probably find the Nomad lacking in power compared to your 6 cylinder 1800cc Wing. Now before I start getting flammed, I want a Nomad but am presently just waiting for the next new Nomad which I hope will be available next year.

Don't have any inside info but the Vulcan is now available with the new 1600cc and 2000cc engine and I would imagine the Nomad that is still using the old 1500 should be upgraded to at least the 1600 if not the 2000 engine.

When considering the utility of the Nomad as a touring cruiser which translates to carrying baggage and a passenger and being the heaviest Vulcan even empty, I don't find it logical that they still have the old 1500 engine stil in it. Oh I know that it'll do the job but coming from a wing to the present Nomad would probably be a let down.

Hang on to your Wing for another few months in the hope that the newest Nomad will catch up with the rest of the Vulcan line up.
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good point-i agree the nomad is due for an engine upgrade :wink:
Kinda figured that going from the wing to any other 'touring' style bike would be VERY noticeable in the performance area. Guess I also wondered why 1500 was engine size in this bike, considering they also have 1600 and 2000 engines. Is the 2000 new this year?
Any idea how the Nomad compares to, for example, the Harly Ultra for performance? Or the older 1500 wings?
I don't know if I can wait another model year....... :wink:
:p bravo bravo... uncle bob hit it right on the money.should expect a engine upgrade this comming year. :)
The 2000 is brand new from this model year, same with the 1600 ( the 1600 is adapted from the meanstreak that came out previous year ).

But if you're comparing the 1500 engine to the HD engine of the same size welll then the Vulcan engine comes out on top in comparo, about the same performance at a fraction of the cost and reliability to boot.

We're in the mist of major changes when it comes to cruisers right now, last couple of years has seen the birth of power cruisers engine displacement considered extreme is now the norm. Since Honda came out with the VTX 1800 everybody has jumped on board.

Kawaski and Suzuki have teamed up and share certain platforms, Triumph has come out with a 2300cc three cylinder cruiser. ETC....

My only concern is the difference you would notice coming from a wing to a present Nomad. On it's own though it's a perfectly acceptable bike with performance superior to other bikes in it's class, reliable and a very good deal also. Matter of fact is that I just recommended it to another member but he wasn't switching from a wing so the performance difference between the two isn't a factor.

To me at least it's very obvious that Kawasaki will be upgrading the Nomad probably for the next model year and use a larger engine. Then again it will probably more expensive and maybe you don't feel you need more power than the 1500 offers.
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i kinda hate to see the upgrade in a way though-cause with upgrades come higher prices
and i believe that's why the nomad has been popular (value)- the 1600 engine would be a good choice for it to keep the price down.this monster cruiser thing is almost out of hand-i hear honda is coming with a 2200 or something next year-just enough to edge kawi in size
they should just make them faster not bigger :twisted: :lol:
All useful info, Bob. Thanks. Even though I have an 1800 wing and enjoy the power, I am not sure that I would miss it all that much. I also kick around on an 1100 V-star and I have a good time on that, too. It just seems like the Nomad is best configured for touring than any others (assuming one wants a cruiser style) without springing for a $20000 Harley. I have a dealer near here who has a new Blue/silver Nomad still in the crate. We are going to look at it this weekend. He has a black one on the floor that we can ride. :lol:
We'll see what the weekend brings......
I have my lein release in hand and an appointment to ride a Nomad on Saturday morning!! :p

How many more weeks until next Saturday????:(
X-wing, if you like the speed and power of the wing, why don't get a Honda Valkyrie. Smaller 6-cylinder engine but still plenty of power to go and won't be disappointed with recalls etc. Works like a clock :D . The Tourer or Interstate model is as good as Wing on the road with their huge OEM windshield (best on the market) and sweet looking hardbags.
With the Valk no longer being produced I would have to locate a used one and I guess I would just as soon avoid Honda completely, at this point.

We didn't make it to the dealer on Saturday. One of those unforseen family situations. Probably O.K. though as the temp was 44° at noon and topped out at 49° and we were looking at a 170 mile round trip. Weather looks better mid-week, maybe we can get to the dealer on Wednesday afternoon?????
As you have been saying the nomad has come out with a larger engine at this time. A1700cc.
I think you should buy my V2k......but I'm partial.
Good God Guys...............This thread is 5 freakin years old.

Come on.......Pay attention
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