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Show me the power, (wireing help)

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Can the wires to the brake light and running lights be tapped into under the seat and if so do you know the color code for the wires ?
2008 Nomad 1600.
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I'm gonna assume that your 1600 is set up like my 1500.

When you take the seat off you will see 3 sets of wires running thru rubber grommets thru your reat fender. On the right side (right side when sitting on the bike) there will be 1 set of 2 wires. On the left there will be 2 sets- 1 set with 2 wires and one set with 3 wires.

The sets with 2 wires are for the turn signals. There will be 1 wire in each set that is the same color. This is the battery negative. On my bike this is a black wire with a yellow stripe. The other colored wire is the "hot" wire to the turn signal bulb.

The 3 wire set will also have a battery negative wire with the same color. The other 2 wires in this set are for running light and for brake light. 50/50. On my bike these are blue and red wires. Red for Running, Blue for Brake.

Hope this helps. What kind of mod you thinkin' about?
Want more lights on the back, I know when I see another bike in the dark from the back the little tail light just does not seem to be enough to wake people up. I had a set of red LEDs under my bags on the old bike and have an idea to do a little trick with flexable LEDs on my sissy bar. I am very picky and the install HAS to be clean.
I dont want to use any of the conversion kits that convert the turn signals etc. got to be differant. Will post pix when the job is finished.
Sounds like a plan. I did go with the run/brake/turn signal controller with clear lenses and colored bulbs. In the summer about 1/2 my riding time is after midnight. Well worth the time and money IMO.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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