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So what can I expect??

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My bike(2004 ZZR600) is supposed to be done at the end of this week---rebuilt to factory new-----except with a full Muzzy pipe and jet kit.

How much extra horsepower should I gain??

How many pounds will come off because of the new pipe??

Would a K&N filter kit be worth it in the future??? And what would that give me??

Also---when comes time for new tires---Dunlop or Perelli?? Or something else??

I'm around 185 lbs(give or take)---factory stock--it never got squirrely on me---no wheels coming up or anything when I would really hammer it-----anything I need to watch for after these mods??

Any suggestions for any other mods I should consider??

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What stage kit did you put in? 1 or 3
5 - 10% gain.

Muzzy pipe will be good for your mid and upper revs as it is a 4-2-1 pipe and as far as weight goes - you'll need to weigh the stock system to compare, but the Muzzy should come in about 13-14 pounds or so with full headers and cannister unless you went exotic with titanium or carbon fiber and that would be considerably less weight.

If you went stage 1, which it sounds like you will feel some low and mid range pickup.

By putting in K&N filters on your bike you are allowing more air to reach the carbs which in turn needs more fuel to match ie the jet size change

Stage 3 and going to the K&N filters would get you more air and you would have to change the jets again depending which ones they put in now. Your jet kit probably came with 4 sets of jets.

Stage 1 Stock pipe
aftermarket pipe

Stage 3 Stock pipe
aftermarket pipe

It's not as hard to do as it sounds and would be rewarding to learn how to do it.

Pirellis are sticky and expensive, but you can't go wrong with todays tires.
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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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