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Time to start brainstorming for ideas for the new year......... I would liek to try for a ride a month this year, but quite honestly, the idea well is getting low, so any ideas or suggestions would be great.

And of course if anyone wants to try leading a ride......feel free

some ideas I have been kicking around

1) Three rivers - a meet and greet 4 hours from san diego, and four hours from san francisco. A mototrcycle riding mecca from what I have heard. Would be an overnighter on a three day weekend, a norcal meets socal type of thing.

2) Temecula county wine tour- Even if you dont drink wine, many of the wineries do free tours that are interesting

3) EL cajon - once you go past El Cajon in san diego, you start to get into some nice mountains where I did a lot of mountain biking, and there are some old stores and stuff

4) solvang motorcycle museum - just posted,looks interesting

5) malibu - loved the mountains, would like to do that one again

6) areas by k6 - seen the pics, probably need to schedule some more rides closer to los angeles mountains, you guys got some beautifal spots there

7) Julian - well, thats a given, pie and barbacue is a no brainer

8)desert - not sure where, just a nice desert run

9) big bear -now that the group is getting used to each other, we could probably do a more technical run.

Just a few ideas, plus, who says we have to restrict it to just rides, as a group we could charter a boat and spend the day on the water, do a day at sea world, disneyland, trip to vegas............maybe the casa de citas

realistically, we have about 20 regulars between all the boards and growing. SO, when we decide to go places, we can ask for group discounts and stuff

anyone else got ideas ?????????????????
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