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Some very sad news

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One of our most beloved members passed away unexpectedly and suddenly this afternoon: Deron Harden (1400pilot). For those of you who never had the privilege of meeting Deron, you missed out on something special. He was the most lovable person I've ever known. He was a fabulous friend. A man who loved life with every ounce of his being. A devoted father (I can't even think about his children without losing it). A dedicated Kawasaki dealer who gave his customers 200%.

For those of us who knew Deron, our loss is beyond description.

His best friend, Norm, will share news of the arrangements with us after they've been made.
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there are no words to describe what i am feeling right now...... :(
David, I thought I had your phone number and I would have called somehow I missplaced it. I've been at his shop with most of his closest friends just now getting home. I can't believe I've lost my good friend. RIP I love you my friend.

i'll PM it to you bud.
it only took once to know the kind of person he was Mayo :(
true dat buddy....he was a hella good snorer too...:lol:
yes, indeed. that brought a smile to my face, thanks bro.
That's for sure. I fell in love with him the first time I met him. What a guy he was. I don't see how anyone could possibly dislike him. He was just so completely lovable.

David, I've been thinking a lot today about that first trip to Red Lodge that you and I and Alan got to share with Deron. That was so much fun. Just one of many rides I enjoyed with Deron over the years, but that one was especially nice. I'll never forget Deron and I going into the beer cooler in Wyoming that day it was so terribly hot.

And it was Deron who taught me how to make a grass angel. :cry: :cry: :cry:
all i have been thinking about over the last 24 hours is the time that i spent with him each summer over the past four years. i chatted with him a bit on the phone and a ton on here, but nothing compares to the times we all spent together. i just can't believe there won't be any more memories with him. :(
Just want to let everyone know that Deron's memorial service will be Monday, November 10th at 11:00 a.m. at the United Methodist Church in Holdrege. I spoke with his mom today and she said the autopsy showed he had a massive heart attack - no anurysm - and had an enlarged heart. Isn't that the truth....he had the largest heart of anyone I know!
For memorials, the funeral home number is 308-995-4114 The address of the funeral home is : Nelson Bauer Funeral Home 401 Burlington Holdrege, NE 68949 The florist here is Holdrege Floral and their number is 308-995-4832
thanks so much for the info, i need to pass it along to a few people. i am crossing my fingers that i can get a flight down for the service.
i just booked my flight, i'll be there. no worries Mayo, he'd probably be upset with me for flying down just for him.
has anyone called joe(ramprat)????

i know he only met him once... the first memorial day ride in colorado.
i'm sure he would like to know.
not that i know of, i'll shoot him a text.
he'll be wringing your neck buddy!!!

i will see what i can do.
i know at least i will be taking the day off for remeberance!!!
yup, he will :) :(
do what you can bro, no biggie either way. he knows he'll be in all of our thoughts.
i emailed and sent a text to Joe, hopefully he got one of them and calls me when he gets a chance.
i called the ## i have for him as well.
hopefully it is the right one!!!
that's what i was thinking, and the reason i emailed him. figured one of the two should work.
i hate to bring this up!!!!

here are a few of the memories he may take with him....
Red Lodge 2007
YouTube - red lodge,montana
thanks Mayo
a lttle fun at a few members expense.

i've had this video in my backhoe of fun.
it's from when julie,dave, alan,DERON and julie couldn't find my house!!!!


dave didn't punch in my full address though,so he get's a quick whop upside the head for it!!!

still funny to me though!!
YouTube - whack pack
really, we knew where you lived, we just wanted to drive in circles around the neighborhood..... :mrgreen:
Where are you flying into & where are ya staying?
flying into Lincoln and staying with Norm
^^^ ditto that Julie. i have never held back my feelings for my friends, especially the ones that i barely ever see, you just never know. i have no doubt that Deron knew how we felt about him.
no worries Joe, you take care of stuff at home, the big guy will DEFINITELY understand.
i just had supper with some of Deron's closest friends, and what an experience. hearing the stories about him brought tears and tons of laughter. one thing that came out of the conversations is that his friend and boss, Jeff and his wife Sharon are trying to put into words what they feel. they have so much they want to say to this group and are planning to make a post some time after tomorrow, when the services are. i just thought i would let everyone know that they are planning to post something.
here's a pic from our memorial supper this evening.
seated, left to right is myself, Norm and his wife Judy.
standing, left to right is Deron's good friend Don, Darrell (zedx11), Sharon and Jeff (owners of the Kawi shop he worked at), Glen (Bushpilot, Norm's brother), and Tanner who worked with Deron.

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well, Norm and i just got back to the house after being at the service and then spending time with a bunch of people that Deron knew. i can say this, the man that we knew is EXACTLY the man that he was. the stories told by his friends, the words written and said by friends and loved ones, and the showing at the funeral were enough to cement all my feelings for the man. his family and friends are very moved at how Deron reached out and touched so many of us, and it warms their hearts. he truelly was a one of a kind, and someone i will never forget, and that shows in EVERYONE that knew him. it has been my privilage to be here during this time to show his family what he meant to us, and they showed me how much he meant to them as well. there is just nothing else i can say to put my feelings to words, so i hope i have done well enough.
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i'm sure he did
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