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Some very sad news

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One of our most beloved members passed away unexpectedly and suddenly this afternoon: Deron Harden (1400pilot). For those of you who never had the privilege of meeting Deron, you missed out on something special. He was the most lovable person I've ever known. He was a fabulous friend. A man who loved life with every ounce of his being. A devoted father (I can't even think about his children without losing it). A dedicated Kawasaki dealer who gave his customers 200%.

For those of us who knew Deron, our loss is beyond description.

His best friend, Norm, will share news of the arrangements with us after they've been made.
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Deron was like a brother to me. I already miss him

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Deron's Grass Angel

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darrell, was good to talk to you lastnight, david you too. glad ya'll were able to be there to carry the BTK flag for our fallen friend.
Love the Leg Lamp....
Today is the 1 year mark of the passing my dear friend and brother Deron Hardon.

You are still missed.
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