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Ok so I went plugged my battery in my bike the other day because I just finished this sweet mod that I'll post later. Anyways, when I connected the battery to my bike, a rather large spark came from the + side of the battery. Like as if something was shorting it. When I hit the start button, it would knock out the power to the bike. I had to push the + side in again and it would light up. Every time though, when I hit the start button, a large spark will come from the + side and knock the power out.

Any ideas? I see that there's a gel around the contacts, that I accidentally removed...
make sure to clean the battery contacts and give them a very solid connection. The starter draws a ton of current. If you see sparks at the battery terminal when you hit the starter, it likely means a bad connection there to the main cable connector.

If that's not it, you need to have the battery tested.
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