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spark plugs 02 ZX6R

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ok I never saw anything on any page about changing spark plugs. either way, right or wrong, WHERE ARE THOSE THINGS?? i took off my tank to look for them, and i know im looking in the wrong spot obviously but i cannot find them to save my life. so if anyone knows where they are i would LOVE to hear from you by say wednesday sept 29th? :D
also, any suggestions or rules about gapping the plugs if thats even nessicary? NOOB here, did an oil change, chain change and clutch job all on my own though heh

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not trying to be an ******* but GET A MANUAL to start with and find soweone with some bike experience to help you.
if you **** up working on a car you can get away with it ususally since your surronded by STEEL, if you **** up working on a bike your gonna be hurt/killed real quick.
and yes the plugs are under the airbox. :wink:
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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