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spark plugs

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this may sound kinda dumb but how often should i change the plugs in my bike. i got 1570-ish miles on it now and didnt know how long i can go without a change unlike cars how u can get 100k miles out of a set easily. also is there a certain brand of plugs that reign over the others?

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I always recommend examining the spark plugs at least once a year, since the plugs are the only window into your cylinder. You can monitor carbon build-up (if any), adjust fpr rich/lean conditions, check the plugs for any cracks in the insulator material, check for burning oil deposits and give a quick cleaning if needed. This applies if the plugs are easily reached. I have to take them out anyway to fog the cylinders for winter storage. I was getting knocking on the Meanie, so the plug condition told me it was running too lean, which tells me it has an ignition map that is not too conducive to gentle cruising.
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