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speedo problem

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well i am new here and new to the bike scene. I just got a 94 kawasaki ninja 500 for $1700 bux with just about 6000 miles on it. not a bad deal needs a rear tire though. well i drove it home yesterday and got caught in the rain for the last 5 mins of my ride and put my cover on my bike. so it got wet for no more than 10 mins. I did not think it was such a big deal 10 mins of rain. well my problem is that the speedo does not work anymore and it worked yesterday with no problems. RPM works and temp oil light neutral light head light and turn signals. everything is working great but no speedo. can anyone help and point me in the right direction. i already ordered a service manual off of ebay but wont be here for a week and i know nothing about bikes complete newbie... Can anyone help get my speedo working again?
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Um...there was a post about this before, you have to put it back in, use the search thing to find the thread. but someone had this same problem.
There is a cable for the speedo on the ex500's, it goes from the left part of the front forks to the back of the speedo on the dash. Check to make sure its all screwed in tight (mine has come off twice)
its very unlikely that the rain caused your problem but just coincidence. speedo cables when they dry out can actually snap inside so they appear to be fine on the outside. I would unscrew it from the back of your gauges and check it out. you can roll the bike forward a little bit and watch for the insed of the cable to spin. If it does then your gauge is the problem(or speedo cable wasnt in all the way) If not then pull the whole cable off and spin it with your hand or something and see if the other end spins. if it does. then your problem is the speedo drive on your wheel, if not then replace the cable and you will be fine.

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