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As we get ready to leave on a 4 month trip with my V2K and my wife's 900 Classic, I've been doing a lot of bike prep (oil, coolant, belt tension, tires, etc).
It got me thinking about the spoke tension in her wheels. Afterall, spoke tension on a bicycle is a normal part of yearly maintenance. (and, can lead to catostropic failure if too many miles go by w/o it)
I've never heard mention of this on the forum. Does anyone ever do anything with this?

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Only thing I have read about is checking the run out. If I remember right I think it was 3 thou??? I'll have to look now. LOL

***edit here is a copy of the page that talks about it***

Periodic Maintenance Procedures
Spoke Tightness and Rim Runout Inspection •Check that all the spokes are tightened evenly.
If spoke tightness is uneven or loose, tighten the spoke
nipples evenly.
Torque - Spoke Nipples: 5.2 N·m (0.53 kgf·m, 46 in·lb)
•Check the rim runout.
If any spoke breaks, it should be replaced immediately.
A missing spoke places an additional load on
the other spokes, which will eventually cause other
spokes to break
•Raise the front/rear wheel off the ground.
Special Tool - Jack: 57001-1238
•Spin the wheel lightly, and check for roughness or binding.
If roughness or binding is found, replace the hub bearings. •Inspect the rim for small cracks, dents, bending, or warping.
If there is any damage to the rim, it must be replaced.
○Avoid the curved part and the uneven part, and measure
the rim runout on the side without the mark.
•Measure the axial [A] and radial rim runout with a dial
If rim runout exceeds the service limit, check the hub
bearings first. Replace them if they are damaged. If the
problem is not due to the bearings, correct the rim warp
(runout). A certain amount of rim warp can be corrected
by recentering the rim. Loosen some spokes and tighten
others within the standard torque to change the position
of different parts of the rim. If the rim is badly bent, however,
it must be replaced.
Rim Runout (with tire installed)
Radial 1.0 mm (0.039 in.)
Axial 0.8 mm (0.03 in.)
Service Limit:
Radial 2.0 mm (0.079 in.)
Axial 2.0 mm (0.079 in.)
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