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Sportbike Night in Austin Texas!

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Woods Fun Center will be hosting a "Sport Bike Night" every Tuesday night starting 8/17/04 at the grand openning of Hooter's new store which is opening at the Lakeline shopping area of 620/183 in Austin, TX. Hooter's is bound to be turning those televisions on to 2 Wheel Tuesdays for us. Woods will be giving raffle gifts out too. I hear of a monthly big prize as well: full exhaust systems, tires, etc. :shock: These things are still in the planning for the whole scheme of things but Woods is trying to make it good for us. :wink:

I hope you can attend I'll be there!!!!!! :D
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I may just have to make the trip over to Austin from College Station on the 17th. If I have received my replacement clutch cable I will probably show up since school is finally out. Been waiting to see if anyone knew of any rides going on around this area of Texas, but it seems that there is not much in the way or organized rides.
Been wanting to try Rick's Rides, but the next ride is not until September :(. I also have seen some rides on the Beginner Bikes forum, but they are not until November :( I have heard that there are some really nice roads around Austin though, I have been meaning to make the trip over there to see for my self.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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