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The AGV Pista GP Helmet represents the latest in a long line of high end "Race Style" motorcycle helmets from AGV. This helmet was born and tested in the MotoGP Circuit with the help of Valentino Rossi. The Pista GP represents the latest in helmet technology, pushing the envelope for both performance and safety.

The AGV Pista GP is a full carbon fiber helmet specially designed for racing. It is the result of the AGV Extreme Standards Helmets project, which makes it one of the most innovative helmets ever released by AGV. The outer shell is in full carbon fiber. It was designed, developed, and tested together with Valentino Rossi aiming to create the ultimate protection for racing. The use of FEM (Finite Elements Analysis) enabled developers to reach new untouched standards in terms of protection, comfort, and ergonomics, making the Pista GP, the benchmark helmet for motorcycle racing.

Check out the video below to see what this $1399.95 helmet is made of. If you're thinking about buying one remember that we don't charge restocking fees on returns and exchanges, even on the big dollar stuff like this. Ordering over the phone would be best on these helmets. Give us a call! 888-784-4327


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