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Sprocket Question - 2001 EX500

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Hello All!
I have a question about my 2001 500R's sprockets. Some sources of information seem to say that the rear sprocket has between 41 and 42 teeth, while Kawa's spec PDF on their website claims 39. On the front I have seen 16 but the PDF says 15. With the bike in the shop for upgrades, I can't go out and count for myself, so I was hoping someone on this list could clarify. Obviously I'm inclined to believe the manufacturer's docs, but mistakes do happen. :) I'm curious, because I am considering lowering the front sprocket by a tooth to gain a little more lift in the low gears, but i'm curious how it will effect the rest of the performance of the bike. I know it will drop a little bit off the top end, but I don't really think I need to be going 120 mph. :wink: I'm more interested in how much it will increase my cruising RPM at around 50-65 MPH.

I also need to change the tires (stock - bleh) and I was considering the Pirelli Diablo's that Freakinout has, but I can't seem to find the year on his bike, so I'm really hoping the 150/60R17 will fit mine as well. I'm having a really difficult time finding a nice sticky rear tire that's narrow enough.

Thanks for reading!
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Kawasaki prints one thing an dyou are lucky if the next year it is the same because the change the rear sprockets as well as the front one. Find Freakinout on any of the lines in any of the response or author and just point and click and do a PM Personal Message to him about his gearing...Changing the front one is the easiest and fastest...but if yo are going to change the tires soon rremember the the front sprocket tooth is about equal to 3 on the rear (at least that is the Forum rumor) so try a smaller on on the front then increase the back one by three when you have the rear tire changed...and put the old front sprocket back on before you take it back in for the tire change. Then it's real easy to get even more power by going back to the smaller one on the front with the already larger one on the rear...talk about light front ends...

have you changed your SP--ROCKET s yet? you can buy a set, front rear and chain through most of the magazine ads...with different ratios...sure you will increase your rpm's some but you will have more poweer thoughout the entire 6 gears...and if you are very seldome in sixth then you don't have to worry to much about it anyway...just go for several more teeth on the back and you could have the shop do the chain for you. Personally I like having a rocket ship. When I'm ready for a serious road bike it will be something more comfortable and larger, although if I could find a WIDER fairing that would include me into the aerodynamic airflow cleaning up the drag of my body, legs feet and upper body, I would definately stay with a Ninja250R. It has enough power if one could reduce the drag of the rider setting in the airflow. Exactly the same for your 500R.
I havn't done the sprockets yet... Just got the bike back from the shop with my new exhaust on friday, and ended up dropping it today. :( Only cosmetic for the most part, though... I'll probably end up doing the sprockets in a few months, when I can save up some more money for a new chain and all.

You may want to check out the magazines first...for your sprockets an dchain...there are some great deals when you order both sprockets and a chain at the same time...and while you are on the computer check out the tallere windscreens..even the racing windscreen is taller than the standard. (re: PUIG)
16 tooth is the stock front sprocket size, with a 41 tooth on the 94+ rears and a 42 tooth on the '87-93 rears.
Thanks for all the advice. I think i'll try to find a -1 front +3 rear set with a chain and see how it turns out. :) (Not at the same time, of course)

The rear sprocket +3 will be just about perfect for what you want...should you decide that you really like it and want to see what real fun is like, like around town and some twisty, or short straights and not long stretches of road...adding on the -1 to the front, will make the front end of yor bike very light and happy while the rear is trying desperately hard to catch the front...It's a blast! I did it on a Suzuki 450 for some riding on some coastal roads and It was just adrenalin drain by the end of hte day! I sold the gears when I sold the bike, when I transfered from R.I. TO TN. So I plan on changing the gears on the 250R so that I can get into 6th and have power. Something about first though...the bike will want to wheelie like a dirt bike so wahtch very carefully the first several times that you are sort of in a hurry...even third can be very dangerous...and remember that the brake under your right foot is there to assist in bringing the front ofhte bike down...
I tried -1 front and +1 rear, I finally decided that I like stock front and the +1 rear best, although with the -1/+1 combo I was spinning my pirelli diablos around all the time and was popping wheelies like there was no tomorrow... I wasn't trying to pop wheelies either.
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