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Starting all over on the Chopper

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This bike has been sitting for awhile now and it is killing me. Luckily I have my other bike so I am not completely down. Since I built my last set of pipes I have felt the need to really clean up my bike. For awhile I didn't take my time in my projects and just tried to get things done. It has been killing me to see my bike half a$$ed. So I have decided to tear it down and start over. I plan on getting a new tank, building new handle bars, new taillights, polishing things here and there, and maybe getting my exhaust and other pieces chromed. I just really want to make this bike super clean from here out.

This is how she is starting out.

Hacked some spare metal.

I cut off the square box on the top of the backbone and started cleaning all the welds

After a couple hours of messing around. I am to the point of no return. I am pulling the engine so I can get into all the nooks and crannys.

Of course I am gonna strip all this wiring and leave the bare minimum.

Stay tuned. I plan on hitting this everyday in some shape or form
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Oh yeah the springer isn't going anywhere. I am thinking about cutting 2 more inches out of it though.
Trike my kickstand is my stock one.

I got up this morning and headed out to the garage to begin. Most of my time today was just spent on grinding down welds. I am gonna try to clean as many as I can so everything will be smooth.

Just started on the backbone.

I got my wiring thinned out too. All I have to do now is get my fuse box and ignitor mounted so I can shorten everything up.

I'm hoping to get my motor out tonight so I can really get to work on the frame
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My brother dropped over tonight unannounced to lend a hand with my bike. So glad he did, it wouldn't have sucked to do it all my self. I am all ready to start work on the frame.

The more I look at it the more I want to hardtail it right now.
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I am gonna see if a buddy of mine can make some axle dropouts. I want to do it though with the motor in the frame so I don't have to make a jig to keep all the mounts in place.
I need to get some dropouts made before I can hardtail it. Plus I am not gonna do it unless I have the motor in anyway. That will save me from having to build a lot more braces. As much as I have stripped off my bike it would take much to get it down to where I can hardtail it. For right now I just want to clean it up and get it back going. Hardtail will be in the near future for sure though.
That is why you need a seat with a good shape and ample amount of cushion or run springs on your seat.
Been busy the last couple of days since school has started back up. I don't have anything to do this afternoon after I get off or tonight so I should be able to make some good progress.
That's what I had planned on doing when I thought about it except the one on the exhaust side is angled where the swingarm goes in. I am gonna have to do some more examining to see if I could.
I want to do it so bad. I need to get my motor back in before I do it though.
Yeah, and the guy would probably get rid of it for super cheap since he is not into bikes and wants it gone.
The swingarm is real simple to take off. Once you remove the wheel and chain there are only a few bolts to remove and it pulls out.
Worked on the frame for almost four hours last night. Got it just about finished. I need to build a table for this though because my back is killing me being hunched over it low for so long.

First I started off by cutting the box braces off the backbone. You can see the right side is smoothed all out and I still have to do the left.

I also cut off the boxes on the support down tubes under the seat.

I ground down all the welded seams on the bike too.

One of the best things I did was grind down the welds on the top of the down tubes so everything looks like one piece.
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Definitely a lot of hours in this. It's like a wiring job, just a lot more strenuous.
I have already gone through 3 flap discs doing this. Maybe Lowes will give me a discount if I buy them in bulk next time I head up there. lol
Like you said, it is over engineering. I mean they braced everything on these frames. Look at custom frames, they don't have all the support metal all over the place.
I was probably gonna fill in the hole in the frame. Right now I am just using an angle grinder but I might take the frame to my brother's and use the die grinder because it is a lot smaller.

Dave, the motor isn't hard to take out. Just make sure you have someone with you. It makes the job so much easier.
Well I haven't been able to do anything new on my bike. I just bought a house and my wife and I have been spending all our time working on it. Hopefully in the next couple of days I can get the little bit on the frame finished and paint it and start getting things back together.
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