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Starting all over on the Chopper

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This bike has been sitting for awhile now and it is killing me. Luckily I have my other bike so I am not completely down. Since I built my last set of pipes I have felt the need to really clean up my bike. For awhile I didn't take my time in my projects and just tried to get things done. It has been killing me to see my bike half a$$ed. So I have decided to tear it down and start over. I plan on getting a new tank, building new handle bars, new taillights, polishing things here and there, and maybe getting my exhaust and other pieces chromed. I just really want to make this bike super clean from here out.

This is how she is starting out.

Hacked some spare metal.

I cut off the square box on the top of the backbone and started cleaning all the welds

After a couple hours of messing around. I am to the point of no return. I am pulling the engine so I can get into all the nooks and crannys.

Of course I am gonna strip all this wiring and leave the bare minimum.

Stay tuned. I plan on hitting this everyday in some shape or form
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will you be removing the swing-arm for maintance?
Major Surgery going on here. so thats what a pile of motorcycle bones looks like. I'll be in the observation room watching the "Doc" bring him back to life. thanks Rat
hard tails look more than great! but aren't they very uncomfortable to ride?
what is a dropout?
xmas break coming soon,you'll be in the garage. Is it hard to remove the swing arm? I need to take my swing arm off and do the grease maintance. I wished the swing arm didn't have those boom-a-rang looking solid braces on each side that the pivot bolt runs through.a more open rigid look but a soft feel which makes my older body happy.
Ok,............it would be easy to do the valve clearance check / adjust with the engine out. I have never done one, but will this winter
alot of work & progress. thanks for posting, good learnings for me.
I got a feel for that frame grinding when I cut out the neck gusset,boxes on the support down tubes on my bike,
its hard work. pay off will be Good.
The pieces we have cut off weren't important structure supports the neck gussett, fender strut supports/2-up seating, side cover brackets all secodary stuff(fat)
Hey Rat, Is it difficult to take out the motor? I bet you are lookin forward to your holiday/ man cave time. I didn't like that hole on my bike either. I used a dremel tool with a cut blade & grinding stone in those tight places, That tool has been really useful
like "Lucky Man" song says " You got a house and a piece of land"
Hope you got a man cave too :)
i love my cave, its alot better than the patio I use to piddle under.
I B lurking. How U do That
assuming you will post your progress on the hard tail so I/we can see how its done
Hey good to hear from you, you survived the "Alley" you rat :)
that is quite a project. all the way from the frame up. wow thats confidence I admire and skill that myself and others can learn from. delaying gratification is a pain but is worth the outcomes. Having a chopper to ride and one to create is cool. you gettin any ride-N weather down there?
did you cut 3 yellow wires too?
lazer lights came today, they r very small/ tiny :), than I expected, can't wait see how bright they are,
glad your back with summer vacation coming you'll be busy gettin back together. you got the bars?
several times I have done the same when idling, but has always started right up after opening the valve,once my knee moved the valve half open and started cutting out when I was going down the road.
1 - 20 of 356 Posts
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