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I noticed that when I was breaking hard with the front brake (even on a very low speed) it makes one loud click sound. Searching the EX500 Mailing List archive I came across the thread that suggested that it may be the steering head bearing problem. I'd like to disassemble and check them. But I'm a little bit confused. I have Clymer manual and here what it says about steering play adjustment:
" Pop up the motorcycle so that the front tire clears the ground. Center the front wheel. Push lightly against the left handlebar grip to start the wheel turning to the right, then let go. The wheel should continue turning under its own momentum until the forks hit their stop..."
And then it says:
"... The steering adjustment is NOT TOO TIGHT if the front wheel will turn all the way to the stop with a light push in either direction"
Maybe I'm missing something here, but I don't understand it. If the wheel turns all the way to the stop (does it mean that the forks hit their stop?) with a light push is it good or bad? Is it normal or NOT TOO TIGHT?
I'd really appreciate if somebody can clarify this.

Thank you in advance.

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basically it called "FALL AWAY" and all it means is that you have the CORRECT TORQUE on the steering head bearings and they are working smoothly.
if you get it too tight the bike will weave while trying to go straight down the road with the slightest touch of the bars (dont ask how i know) if its too loose then you will have the CLICK that you hear.
if you have it set right the bars will "FALL AWAY" to the stop without any hesitation BUT this will only work correctly if you have NO cables attached etc. they cause drag/binding so they will slow the "FALL AWAY"
good luck :wink:
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