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I have a Vulcan 500 LTD (EN500C in '07) and want to buy a storage compartment that goes inbetween my drivers and passengers backrest.

My passenger backrest is from Kawaski (OEM) that is 10 inches from the bottom of the pillion to the top of the backrest. I also have a drivers backrest Non-oem (don't remember the name brand). The distance between the drivers backside and passengers frontside is also approx 10 inches.

I would like it to be rain resistant or proof without having to put a cover on it ahead of time.

I don't care if it has one or many compartments or a cold drink holder. Just keep my stuff dry and fit my bike. There are a million storage bags that claim it fits "most" bikes but they either don't fit at all or are too lame to trust the straps from getting caught in something.

Thanks for your help.
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